About About

it’s a journey of self-discovery

this whole blog is, really

if it seems weird and confusing to you, i’m sorry

identities are weird and confusing

but since you’re here, have a llama

it’s blue.

oh, you’re still here?

oh, that’s nice.

we can keep sitting together in silence for a while then.

i would like to tell you more about myself, but i don’t know who i am.

i like using the sims to explore identities. i like connecting with other people to explore identities. i like to pretend my sims are having deep emotional connections in their gobbledygook simlish. i like to pretend random people from across the world can feel connected to each other through words.

so what i’m trying to say, is i appreciate you being here with me and listening to me talk about myself.

oh, i’m sorry i broke the silence, i’ll go back to keeping to myself now


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