DEI (giraffes & elephants)

I am 70% a giraffe and 30% an elephant.

My Diversity-Equity-Inclusion Ally Pact

I know I have blind spots
-the inability to see what I’m doing might be harmful to someone-

I know I have tough spots
-the natural resistance to input that suggests my behavior conflicts with my intention-

I know I have blank spots
-a lack of data and knowledge about crucial differences in social advantages and disadvantages between myself and others-

I know I have work to do
I promise to do the work I need to do to see my biases, spare you my defensiveness, and educate myself in order to be the most effective writer, reader, and friend I can be.

I hope you will always feel entitled to let me know if my blind, tough, or blank spots ever cause you to feel anything less than respected or included by me. I promise to always do my best to receive your notice of my mistakes with humility and gratitude.

You can contact me at MannyLikesSims at

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