Chapter 10. Origins II

“My master told me not to worry about being a vampire. He would provide me with everything I needed.”

“As for the things he could not give me himself, he said, he would find others to provide for me- as long as I stayed faithfully by his side.”

“So, I said I would never leave him.”

“And to make sure I didn’t leave him, he told me I was never allowed to leave the house again.”

“So, you might wonder, how did we feed if we never left the house? That’s why the Count throws elaborate parties- to gather and subdue his victims.”

“And because my vampire powers were still weak, he would find my prey for me…”

“…lure them upstairs…”

“…and charm them…”

“…so that they would be ready for me.”

“…ready for anything, really.”

“And I should’ve been happy. I should’ve been grateful for everything Vlad gave me. But I wasn’t. So, I started sneaking out into town.”

“And that’s how I met Tetsu.”

“Tetsu was kind to me. He never yelled at me like Vlad did.”

“And best of all, he liked me for who I was. No one manipulated him into liking me.”

“And everything was going great- until Tetsu came to visit me one night.”

“When Vlad answered the door, he found out what was going on. He figured out I had betrayed him, snuck out against his orders, and found someone else.”

“And where was I during this, when Vlad struck Tetsu? I wasn’t there to protect him, instead, I was…”

“…well, I’m too ashamed to admit it.”

“When we got downstairs, I was too late. Vlad was already taking out his revenge on Tetsu.”

“I yelled at him for hurting Tetsu, and for a moment he looked stunned- “

“-but then he reminded me that it was my fault, because I had betrayed him. And he was right. If I hadn’t disobeyed my master to sneak out, if only I had stayed faithful to him, Tetsu would never have gotten hurt.”

“Tetsu woke up eventually, but he was furious and told me he never wanted to see me again. And I was left heartbroken.”

“But, at least I had the Count to console me-“

“-even if he did remind me it was all my own fault.”

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 10. Origins II

  1. And here I am again, ruining the good backstory by appreciating the rando heart-boxers guy coming in to photobomb the big reveal.

    “I remember it like it was yesterday… my ex slash mommy slash mentor taking out his revenge, the loss of the man I loved, the underwear man there to witness it all…”

    I’ll also pay Benji §50 to interrupt the story and yell “OTHER PEOPLE’S ACTIONS ARE NOT YOUR FAULT!” Yeesh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i remember playing this moment and thinking it was GLORIOUS. I had a whole backstory planned out for this guy, too, because he was my go-to blood meal/booty call, and he always seemed to pop up in the background of major events, but then I couldn’t quite weave in his narrative without being too distracting from the main story. So, sadly, this one derp screenshot is all you get.

      i’ll give you those §50 to give to Benji 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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