Interlude [Act I, My Roommate, The Vampire]

Hello, I hope you are enjoying the story so far! Please enjoy our brief intermission.
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How We Started

Zell’s Blackboard

A Question


Zell and Benji’s delightfully spooky hovel is designed by penappleYT ! Check out their speed build here 😀


Have a question for me? Shoot me a message and I might answer it here!

What is Benji’s heritage?

His parents are Korean! His dad goes by his given Korean name Jun-soo, but his mother goes by her English name, Jane. Fun fact- just about everyone, including Benji himself, calls him “Benji” except his mother who calls him “Benjamin.”

If they’re so cute together, why aren’t they dating?

First off, awww 🥰 . But there are a couple reasons…

  1. Benji is “Unflirty” and is easily flustered. Zell’s trying to be mindful.
  2. They’re roommates, and friends. You don’t wanna recklessly go and ruin a good thing, y’know?
  3. Zell’s got secrets, too, man. Besides the whole vampire thing. But more on that in Act II 😉

Is the story game-driven or story-driven?

So, basically, a SimLit story can either be planned out in advance, where the writer sets up “photoshoots” to tell the plot (story-driven), or the writer can play the game as is with no intervention, recording things as they happen (game-driven).

This story is 90% game-driven! I have big-picture ideas in mind, but the rest is driven by whatever happens in the moment. Many unexpected things happen- but these often turn out to be the most emotional plot twists!

Do you use any cheats, mods, or CC?

Eh, not really. Mayhaps the occasional moveobjects for decoration purposes, but no mood/money cheats. I have limited CC and mods (and limited knowledge of how to use them TT.TT) Maybe I’ll try again sometime to install a pose pack? Other writers seem to be doing some pretty awesome stuff with them…

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