Chapter 24. Showdown

The Count was already waiting for me, eyes glowing and fangs bared.

I didn’t have the element of surprise this time. But, what I did have, was love. I was fighting the Count not for myself, but for Zell. So we could live free from that evil vampire, together.

“So, that insolent boy has already let you out of your prison?” The Count screeched, his eyes glowing madly. I steeled myself against his gaze.

He continued in a low, cold hiss. “You are proving to be more troublesome than I thought, Mr. Kim. We will dispose of you quickly before you mislead Zell any further, lest he forget where his loyalties lie.”

He sprang forward at the same time I did, and suddenly we were deadlocked; I had my arm around his neck, barely keeping his maw inches from snapping at my skin.

Zell was downstairs now, watching in anguish as we clashed, and at that moment, the Count briefly slipped out of my headlock.

Zell screamed, right as I saw the Count’s fangs lunge at my throat.

But I twist out of the way just in time, his fangs slicing through the air just above my neck.

It’s a close call, but I manage to overpower the Count for the second time. He groans in pain, stars circling his head, and I see my chance to defeat him once and for all.

I pull out Zell’s stinking, bubbling drink,

-and toss it all across the Count’s face.

The Count is screeching, and Zell throws his hair back, beaming at me.

The Count rises into the air, his eyes goggling in disbelief,

-as radiant light bursts out of him.

Count Straud, no longer a vampire, sinks to the floor and gazes despondently at Zell.

“M-master?” Zell gulps.

“I’m not your master anymore, Zell,” he sighs and turns, trudging away dolefully.

But he only takes a few steps when he glimpses something in a mirror up ahead, and he runs forward to get a closer look.

“Is that me?” he exclaims, giddy, gazing at his own reflection. “I haven’t seen myself in 200 years!”

With the vanquished Count happily distracted, Zell calls me over.

“Benji, what you said earlier, did you mean that?”

“What, the part where I told you I love you?” I sit down next to him.

“Yeah-” he looks at me, eyes wide.

I raise an eyebrow. “Hm, let me think about th-“

“-yes,” I answer. “I love you, Zell.”

I pull him close to me and whisper it again into his ear. “I love you, Zell.”

I wrap my arm around his waist, and he holds me tightly.

“I love you too, Benji.”

Bonus Panels

Zell pulls me up by my hand with a cheeky grin to ask me something. “Hey Benji, do you want to check out the dungeon? We could explore Vlad’s coffin since he’s distracted at the moment and-“

The next part he whispers into my ear, but I won’t repeat it because it’s… indecent.

“You want to do what in a coffin?” I say, horrified. “That’s preposterous! How would that even work, is there even enough space for- nevermind. C’mon Zell, let’s go home.”

“Ah, ok,” I hear him say, a bit disappointed. “Maybe later…”

6 thoughts on “Chapter 24. Showdown

  1. Goodbye, searingly purple room 😦
    Goodbye, that tailcoat with those gloves and those shoes 😦
    Goodbye, Vlad’s lack of reflection :/
    Hello to the part where they are “roommates”! It doesn’t look like they’re done yet, either, judging from the chapter list!

    (I’m with Benji on the coffin: there’s 200 years worth of who-knows-what fluids on that thing, and there’s no way to wash the lining either. Thing probably reeks like mothballs and Vlad’s pits)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Love that Benji defeated Vlad and we finally had a confession of love too! 😀
    That’s great. I do wonder about the decision to do things in Vlad’s coffin… seems like a good way to catch something, lol.

    Vlad checking himself out in the mirror in the background is hilarious, btw.

    Liked by 1 person

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