Stranger Times Episode 1

The Green House

The sun rose innocently over a quiet neighborhood.

From inside a quaint green home, Carl watched the sunrise. His wife was still sleeping in the bed behind him.

Wait a second.

He didn’t have a wife.

This wasn’t his bedroom.

Carl panicked. “Hey lady,” he said, poking the figure in the bed. “Where the plum am I? And who are you?”

She woke up- and screamed.

“Who the plum are you? Get out of my room!”

She chased him out and Carl recoiled, wringing his hands. “Look, lady,” he said. “I’m real sorry, but I don’t know how I got here. I just woke up, I have no idea how I got into your bedroom-“

She opened her mouth angrily but then paused. “Wait, this isn’t my bedroom,” she said, her brow furrowing. “This isn’t even my house.”

“Then why are you yelling at me, woman?” Carl shouted. “I’m just as confused as you are!”

“So you don’t know where we are, or how we got here?”

“No! Now fleny fleny, you’re standing in front of what I think is the bathroom door-“

Carl was washing up, when he spotted a mysterious red door on the back wall of the bathroom.

It was a smooth, metallic red, unlike the rest of the monochrome house.

He didn’t know why, but he was drawn to it. He wanted to open it.

His hand was hovering above the handle, when someone screamed in the living room.

“What now?” Carl griped, running over.

The woman waved her hands and shouted, “Look, it’s an UnorthoBox Gaming Console! I’ve been trying to get one for ages!”

Carl’s eyes grew wide. “-the one with the i5 core processing SIM card?” he said and she nodded. “-and the Artomatic Rendering Program integration capabilities-” She nodded more fervently. “-loaded with extra gerbits-“

They squealed in excitement, both of them immediately forgetting that they found themselves in an unfamiliar neighborhood in an unfamiliar house next to an unfamiliar person, because they clearly had their priorities in order.

“I can’t wait to play Sims Forever!” she cried.

“Wait, Sims Forever?” Carl scoffed. “God, how lame are you!? Typical women, of course you wouldn’t understand good video games, like did you even know that the game R.E.F.U.G.E. is using groundbreaking technology called the Artomatic-“

“I know,” she said icily. “Don’t ever talk to me about that stupid game again.”

Carl actually fell silent.

“Ok, how about this,” she said, turning back. “You, me, MySims Racing. Winner gets to play whatever they want.”

Carl broke into the most smug smile. “Oh, I’m going to wipe the floor with a girl like you…”

“This game is more rigged than I remember,” Carl muttered, beads of sweat dotting his forehead. They were in the final stretch, and by some kind of sheer dumb luck, this woman called Alice was in the lead.

But at the last moment, finish line in sight, he managed to nose in front of her.

“HA!” he cried out. “Get wrecked, neeerd! You never stood a chance against me, you wannabe gamer girl, suck my- hey, where’re you going?”

He stood up and ran after her. “Come back here, I’m not done gloating!”

“My god, you’re unbelievable,” she whipped around to yell. “Do you ever shut up?”

“Whoa, what’s your problem, stranger? Are you on your period or something?”

“What are you, twelve?” Alice yelled. “I knew I shouldn’t have let you win, you’re nothing but an annoying, sexist jerk-“

“-what do you mean you let me win? Of course I won, girls aren’t good at video games-“

They were mid-screamfest when there was a banging on the front door.

“Hellooo?” called out a voice. “Loudmouths? It’s your neighbor.”

Alice took a deep breath and stepped outside, giving a jolt when she saw the woman’s spectacles. They looked vaguely familiar, but she didn’t recognize the woman wearing them. “Can we help you?”

“Yeah, you can shut your traps,” the woman scoffed. “I can hear your marriage squabbles from my house-“

“Oh, we’re definitely not married,” Alice interjected.

“Whatever,” said the woman, her heavy gold jewelry jangling as she waved her hands dismissively. “Just keep your pending divorce to yourself-“

“Wait, lady,” Carl interrupted. “Can you tell us where we are? I’d really like to go home now-“

She shrugged. “I have no idea where we are! I just woke up here today in some pink house, no phone, and I can’t seem to leave this neighborhood, as if there were an invisible wall around us.”

Carl and Alice exchanged concerned glances. What was going on? Were all the neighbors as confused as they were? How were they going to leave this place?

“Now goodbye,” said the woman. “I have to tend to my garden gnomes.”

“Wait-” Carl ran after her, quickly changing out of his PJs. “We also have no idea how we got here, shouldn’t we work together to find our way out-“

But he paused, distracted by the lawn ornaments on her yard. “Wow, lady, are those your garden gnomes? They’re kinda… creepy…”

“Heh? The gnomes were there when I woke up here,” she explained.

“But to be honest, I’ve decided I’m actually quite fond of them,” she continued.

“Wait, what the plum-” Carl muttered. There was definitely something up with those garden gnomes.

But when he looked back at them, they seemed normal again. That’s it, he decided. He was already going crazy here.

“-so keep your dirty mitts off my gnomes, okay?” The lady was saying, and she stormed away into her house.

Carl shuddered. He couldn’t shake the unsettling feeling that someone- or something– was watching him.


Carl groaned and headed back to his house, grumbling. “It’d better be a way out of here…” The day was already getting late and he really wanted to go home.

He found Alice on the other side of the weird red door in the bathroom. “There’s a ladder behind the door!” she shouted. “I’m gonna take it down…”

“Wait, are you sure that’s a good idea?”

But Alice had already descended, and Carl whined nervously, “Ok ok, wait for me!”

The air was damp and mildewy in the basement, and the brightly patterned carpet was thick with dust. But that wasn’t the strangest thing in the room.

“What the plum…?” exhaled Alice. She wasn’t sure what was going on here.

Three doors loomed ahead of them. A colorfully painted door, a pair of heavy wooden doors, and a pitch black one.

“Well, you know what they say, ladies first,” squeaked Carl, trying not to look scared. “What door do you think will get us out of this weird neighborhood? I’m hoping not the one with the skulls…”

“Oh, so now you’re a gentleman?” Alice pushed him out of the way. “Move. At least I’m not afraid of opening a door.”

She tried the colorful door first but it was locked,

-the middle door seemed to be stuck, and she wasn’t strong enough to force it open,

-and she paused in front of the black door, hesitant. “Uh, are we sure we want to open this one?”

“You know what, maybe don’t open the door with the skulls…” Carl said nervously.

Too many weird things had already happened today: 1. waking up in a strange neighborhood they couldn’t seem to leave, 2. meeting a neighbor with a yard full of creepy gnomes, and 3. discovering three odd doors in his basement, and Carl wasn’t sure he could handle another surprise tonight.

“Look, why don’t we call it a day, and first thing tomorrow, we’ll ask if the neighbors know anything…”

He made his way back up the ladder, anxiously beckoning Alice, and she followed, leaving behind the peculiar doors in the basement. For now.

“In that case,” Alice was smirking, “I call dibs on the bed!”

“Hey!” protested Carl. “Where am I going to sleep?”

You can sleep on the couch, Carl.”

“On the couch? Are you plumming kidding me! I can’t believe I have to be trapped in suburbia with you… I can’t wait to get out of here, back to my own bed, back to nice quiet solitude…”

“Good night, Carl.”


And night fell upon the quaint green house in the quiet neighborhood.

Simlish of the day:
Plum- a simlish swearword
Fleny fleny– get out, I have to tinkle
Gerbits– llamas

Fun fact of the day:
How many gnomes are there on their neighbor’s lawn? If you counted six, you’re wrong 😜

♥Grandma’s house♥ B/G by QDesigns

8 thoughts on “Stranger Times Episode 1

  1. This story was PLUMMING hil-ar-i-ous!!! 😀 😀 😀 I LOL’d several times.
    I love how you set up the beginning, as though it’s this mundane day, Carl’s looking outside as his wife is asleep. Uh… Carl doesn’t have a wife 😀 Hahaha! Then she freaks out that this creeper-dude is in her house. Oh wait. Not her house. Where are they? Super suspenseful and comical!
    Then they go plumming ballistic over the game console. I LOVED that bit of dialogue. Then they play MySim Racing, and he gets all cocky about how he’s gonna beat her…only to win. Sigh. Kinda wanted to yell at Alice over that, esp since she let him win.
    Their dialogue is incredible/believable and i love their chemistry together. I can’t wait to read more of THAT.
    I like the setup with the doors. Very Nightmare Before Christmas-y.
    I can’t wait to read more of your stories, such a fun adventure! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh man, the setup with the three doors at the end was GREAT. I vote skull door! I vote skull door! Also the description did give me Sense8 vibes and I’ll be watching carefully to determine who Doona Bae is.

    The beginning screamed ‘people zoo’ (forced into houses to dance for the amusement of others! Oh, the humanity!) but now the doors have really thrown a wrench in things. Hmm.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Easter eggs. Anyway, I knew this was going to be fun from “Wait a second. He didn’t have a wife.” I love the premise, and the gaming, and the doors, and everything really. XD

    Liked by 1 person

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