The True Story of the Villareal Family [1.4]


Welcome to the true story of the Villareal family of Windenburg, a family that Definitely Does Not Have Any Secrets.

(Ok, ok, so this story is only 82.81% true. I took screenshots as I was playing for fun, letting the game drive the plot, then took some pick-up shots to fill in the gaps.)

Night had fallen on the Von Haunt Estate, and Lord Bernard had just come upon an extremely unsettling scene.

“You!” gasped the ghost of Bernard. “What are you— Unhand my portrait, you rampallian! Get down from there this instant!”

Max hastily let go of Bernard’s portrait and climbed down.

“Shut up, old man!” he yelled, but it was too late. Bernard knew exactly what Max was trying to do.

“You were going to burn my portrait, weren’t you?” He blew up at the child. “That’s it! I’m calling your father! And yes—I know who you are! I checked the museum registration!”

“You wouldn’t. You’re bluffing.” Max scrunched up his face with as much animosity as a child could muster.

But Bernard wasn’t bluffing.

Jacques Villareal was contacted and immediately summoned. Bernard explained that he had caught Max trying to burn his portrait, and Jacques shook his head in disappointment.

“I can’t believe you’ve done this,” said his father in a low, disgusted voice. “You’ve ruined everything.”

It was true. Jacques would have to abandon his own plans of setting fire to this cherished tourist destination. He would now look suspicious if the Von Haunt Estate burnt down, given that Max was caught attempting the same thing.

Plum. This heist would’ve been his greatest moneymaker, if only his damn kid hadn’t ruined it. It was time to kiss his dreams of early retirement goodbye.

Meanwhile, Max was glaring at his father, studying his face,

-when he suddenly wrung his hands. “I’m so sorry, Dad. It won’t happen again. I promise I’ll never get caught again.”

Jacques sighed. “Fine,” he said. “We’ve learned our lesson. Next time, this won’t happen.”

“Of course, Dad,” said Max. His mouth twitched for a brief second.

“Hold on,” said a voice behind them. “There’s not going to be a next time for either of you.”

What?” Jacques whirled around.

“You’re banned from the estate,” said Bernard.

“But just my son, right?” said Jacques, panicking. This was his favorite establishment! “I can still come here to cosplay and play chess, right?”

“No. Both of you are banned. Permanently.” Bernard was adamant.

Jacques froze, then flared, pulling himself up to his full height.

“Do you even know who I am and what I’m capable of?”

Bernard raised his eyebrows. “Are you trying to threaten an immortal 120-year-old ghost infamous for his foul temper?”

Jacques bared his teeth. “I’ll make you regret this, phantom.”

“You don’t scare me, fopdoodle.” Bernard smiled. “I’ll show you scary.”

The ghost lunged forward, eyes wild, spittle flying out of his mouth.

“I will not allow you or your hell-born babe to defile these premises and potentially endanger others here ever again! You are hereby permanently banned from this cherished tourist destination!”

Jacques recoiled and stayed quiet.

Max watched the ghost in awe. Bernard was a formidable foe, indeed. It was now Max: 1, Bernard: 1, but Max knew this was far from over.

Meanwhile, Jacques couldn’t believe what had just happened. As he stood there, cowed by a ghost and banned from his favorite establishment because of his kid, he realized something. His children were a liability.

As long as his kids existed, he would never achieve true happiness. A heinous thought crossed his heinous mind for the second time tonight.

Jacques knew exactly what he had to do.


14 thoughts on “The True Story of the Villareal Family [1.4]

  1. Bernard, control your potty-mouth! That’s no language to use around a child, what’s next? Charlatan? Reprobate? KNAVE?!

    Oh, Jacques. Did you really expect the place to still be open for your weird sardine can roleplaying and chess after your burned it? You are a fopdoodle indeed.

    (I love that even at his full height, Jacques is still slightly less tall than Bernard. Because of Bernard’s luxurious mane of hair.)

    “His children were a liability.”
    OH NO

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    1. Haha fair point! Fopdoodle Jacques sure is optimistic the gardens would stay open if the museum burned down (also hi, it’s me, clutching my sides from laughing so hard at “sardine can roleplaying,” y’all are sending me)

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  2. The main/cover photo you chose, with blue ghost Bernard covering his mouth in unamused shock is a wonderful selection! If a man who has lived as a spectre for over one-hundred years, and whose grisly death (and that if his wife’s) was the result of his temper, then homie ain’t playing when he is left gagging. Jacques and his “offspring” Max might both be a pair of fopdoodles.

    I wonder WHY Max wanted to set the mansion on fire. Did he hear so much about how it caught fire last year that he felt he missed out on something spectacular and needed to recreate it? Is he a pyromaniac? Does he just enjoy destroying things? Is it because he hated Bernard and wants to destroy Bernard’s “home?” Maybe it’s just who he is because he’s evil?
    But what if it wasn’t sinister? Maybe getting caught attempting to set the house afire was his intention. Why? Who knows. Thwart his dad’s plan. So that they go somewhere else ever year other than The Von Haunt Estate. To demonstrate negligence, since his mom was burned to a crisp and follow with a wrongful death lawsuit.
    I will sit and wait to find out.

    “You’ve ruined everything.” What a living sentiment to pass upon your child. Choice words, sir. May your son one day inform you what a worthless father you are and clearly the better parent died. Actually – we don’t know if their mom was better or worse, but considering how well the oldest two turned out, one of the parents had to be loving and that is def not Jaques.

    “I promise I’ll never get caught.” I love the word choice. Not sorry for the actions, just sorry to have been caught (or at least pretending to be sorry to pacify daddy fopdoodle).

    Jacques has clearly lost touch with reason when he tries to fight Bernard. Bruh, your fopdoodle is showing.

    “His children were a liability.” Indeed. But really, considering he arsoned away their mom, he seems to be the liability. Also, fuck Jacques. He is making himself out to be a victim of a circumstance HE created. Dude, if you are trying to incorporate “work” while having an outing with your kids then YOU’RE the asshole. Don’t want your kids meddling in your work so they might eff it up? Then don’t bring them. His dumbass fault. Sigh. I didn’t think I could dislike someone more than Carl, but congrats, Jacques, you get the asshole award!

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  3. haha thanks! Lol, Jacques is a fopdoodle, Max is a fopdoodle, everyone’s a fopdoodle!

    Holy cow Pink, doing more speculation and research into Max’s character development in a single comment than I have in total writing the story! Such good questions. All of them relevant. And if I do a good job, maybe I can answer all of them eventually 😛

    ALSO I am obsessed with how strongly you feel about my problematic characters. Like, you could warm a single-family home for an entire winter with your fiery hatred for Carl and Jacques, and I wouldn’t have it any other way ❤

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  4. Bwahaha can’t secretly set fire to the building if your son is caught publically setting fire to the building, can you, Jackie? FOPDOODLE! I love that word! Yay, someone else in the simlit world uses that word! 🤣😄

    Oh gods, he’s going to try and kill all his kids, isn’t he? Hoo boy. That’s going to be a disaster. And I am so here for the chaos it will bring 😆

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    1. hehehe oh Jackie, you fopdoodle you…

      sorry it took me a while to respond, I got sucked into your story and then lost all chill at the first mention of fopdoodle! what are the odds?? speaking of which, I’m DELIGHTED to have started reading ToC

      Liked by 1 person


        Really though I’ve been writing ToC for 3 years now and reading simlit for almost 10 and I’ve NEVER seen anyone else use the word Fopdoodle. The first time I saw it in your story I squealed in delight and now both of my cats think I’m possessed 🤣


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  5. LOL, okay, now Jacques is realizing his children are a liability. Sure Jan.

    The perfect insult does not exis—

    “I will not allow you or your hell-born babe to defile these premises.”

    ::standing ovation::

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  6. Ooo! Busted! 😂😂

    I snorted with laughter at Jacques whining he wouldn’t be able to cosplay there anymore when he got kicked out. After he was just planning to burn the place down. Either he’s a great actor, or he does not think his plans all the way through. 😆

    Loving the dark but goofy vibe in this story. You really know how to write! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha you’ve got a point there! Jacques can sure be dumb sometimes for someone with the “genius” trait.

      thank you for the kind words!! I love when folks laugh at, uh, I mean, with me regarding my unhealthily dark sense of humor


  7. I started reading this story because I saw it in my friend Yimi’s recommendations and it’s so many kinds of wild, it’s great. I have a massive load of SimLit to get through but I just want to say I’m enjoying this so far.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello and thank you!! For better or worse, the wildness does not subside 😅

      I still feel kinda new to SimLit and am extremely behind on all stories, but I’ve got yours on my docket! (While I have you here, do you recommend starting with Divided or another story? Also, do you prefer comments on your blog, on the Sims Forums, or handwritten, sealed with wax, and sent to you by raven? Hmm, one of these might be less efficient than the others…)

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      1. For better of course! I was chatting to Yimi about this story and for me it almost feels like a love letter to other’s childhoods playing Sims, and my teenhood playing Sims 1 on PS2, in the sense that we all used to do nothing but try to off the whole family 😂 I’m off work tomorrow so I’ll have some time to catch up and actually have time to comment hopefully! Aww that’s kind of you 😊😊 Hand-sealed and sent by raven would be amazing! But either the blog or the Sims forum is absolutely fine, and I appreciate the interest! ❄️🐇

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        1. Sorry I forgot to say- Divided is my current story, and the best part is it’s my first story where I’m able to use CC and poses which is the fun part XD It’s mostly standalone and it’s the newest one so I’d say that’s the best place to start!

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