The True Story of the Villareal Family [3.2]


Welcome to the 77.78% true story of the Villareal family of Windenburg, a family that Definitely Does Not Have Any Secrets.

It was a balmy Saturday at the Windenburg pool, reeking of chlorine to cover up the smell of all the little kids peeing in it, and Luna’s heart felt like it wanted to explode out of her chest.

Sofia had just sleuthed out the identity of Luna’s mystery knight – the one she was crushing on, hard.

“Sofia– Sofia!” Luna was nearly hyperventilating when she found her friend. “Who is it? Who’s my knight??”

“Whoa girl, don’t be desperate,” said Sofia. Paragons were not desperate. If anything, people were supposed to be desperate for them.

“Tell me!”

“Oh my Watcher, Luna, ok. So, I overheard this lady in the bathroom talking about how her sister’s really into fantasy cosplay, like knights and stuff. Her sister is Yuki. Behr, from our grade.”

“Yuki… Behr?” repeated Luna, slowly. A girl? Her knight was a girl?

“Yep,” replied Sofia. “I mean, Yuki can pass as cute and stuff, but she’s a total dweeb and like, painfully shy.”

Luna hesitated. She was still not over the fact that her knight was a girl.

What was it that the ghost of Lady Mimsy had told her? Oh right, to keep an open mind, and that her prince might not seem like a prince at first. Well, maybe Lady Mimsy had known all along that the knight wasn’t a prince at all, but a prin-cess.

“Sure, Yuki’s a Misfit, but maybe we can teach her how to be a Paragon?” Sofia said, thinking. “You’d have to talk to her in person, though, to figure out if she’s good enough.”

“Ok, but how?” said Luna. “Obviously I can’t talk to her at school, people would see us together, and I’m not ready to commit to that.”

Sofia smirked. “Well, guess who also overheard that Yuki hangs out at the coffee shop downtown on Sundays…”

Luna squealed. She could finally meet her mystery knight! In person! Tomorrow! “Thank you! You’re the best, Sofia!”

“I know,” she replied. “Just promise me one thing, Luna – remember, she’s a dweeb, and you’re a Paragon. Don’t, like, commit social suicide for something as stupid as love.”

Max was bored.

He had already yelled playground insults at the other children at the pool, replaced the Paragons’ coffee beans with weevils, and even made an adult woman cry asking her if she was pregnant or just fat, and yet he felt utterly stultified.

He agreed with the Paragons about one thing – the people at the Windenburg community pool were peasants. Boring, insipid peasants. None of them brought him the joy that Lord Bernard’s ghost did; there was something so deeply satisfying about rankling that old fart.

He missed Bernard.

Someone swam up to him, and he begrudgingly faced her.

“Hey Max,” said Morgan, one of his fellow Renegades. “Can we talk?”

“Ugh, fine,” he sighed,

-and followed her out of the pool.

“What do you want?” he said. The worst part about running the Renegades was listening to their complaints.

“Well, it’s just that, the Renegades have been kinda unhappy,” began Morgan. “Some of us feel like you don’t really care about us–“

“We’re Renegades, we’re not supposed to care about anything,” interrupted Max.

“–yeah, ok, but we’re supposed to at least care about each other. When was the last time you asked how Ulrike and I are doing?”

Max scoffed.

“And Wolfgang? Something is up with Wolfgang. He keeps smiling.”


“It’s Wolfgang. He never smiles.”

Max stared silently, his nostrils flaring almost imperceptibly, and his next words were cold and dangerous. “Are you questioning my leadership?”

Morgan grimaced. “No, I’m just saying, we should be considerate of what people in our club are feeling–“

“Plum that!”

She gasped. Where did he learn such language??

I’m the leader!” spat Max. “You all listen to me, ok?!”

Morgan was too shocked to reply.

Max stormed away, and Morgan was left behind, speechless and fuming.

Meanwhile, Luna took a lazy swim in the late afternoon, daydreaming about surprising her knight in person tomorrow. The sun was setting and everything in the pool was bathed in the warm pinkish-orange glow of golden hour.

At the other end of the pool, she spotted someone,

-and a mischievous thought popped into her mind out of nowhere.

She swam over stealthily and the Renegade didn’t even see her coming until it was too late.

“Hey!” shouted Wolfgang, right as Luna splashed him across the face.

“What the plum was that for?” he said, wiping the water out of his eyes.

Luna hesitated, realizing what a poor decision she’d made… although Wolfgang didn’t look that enraged, did he?

Ugh, no, what was she thinking, antagonizing a Renegade? She needed to stop, right now, before the situation got out of hand.

“We’re at a pool, what do you expect will happen?” The words slipped out of her mouth as if it wasn’t even connected to her brain.

“Touché.” He narrowed his eyes at her. “Do you want to know what I think?”

She bobbed in the water, not looking away from him, daring him… to do what exactly?

He splashed her back lightly and she squealed, even though she had been expecting it.

“That’s what I think!” he said with a chuckle.

“Ok!” she said, giggling and wiping the water from her face. “Point taken.”

They bobbed in the water together, chuckling softly. He was ok, she decided. For a Renegade.

But that’s when a voice echoed out from the edge of the pool.


Sergio was glaring daggers.

“Luna, did that Renegade just attack you?”

8 thoughts on “The True Story of the Villareal Family [3.2]

  1. Sofia, for someone with layers that choppy, you should really chill, alright? You aren’t making anyone desperate with that blush application either. And for the love of everything holy, stop shaving your eyebrows and drawing them on with sharpie or whatever is going on there.

    OK. Deep breaths. Sorry. Sofia pisses me off 😂

    I do love that Luna is only mildly shaken by her love interest potentially being a girl. Way to keep an open mind, Luna!

    “Don’t, like, commit social suicide for something as stupid as love.” Did I mention that I hate Sofia? Well, I do.

    Does… does Max have an enemy-crush on an old, dead man? Because if so, I low-key love that for him. You do you, tiny terror!

    I FORGOT MAX WAS THE LEADER OF RENEGADES. It’s too funny, just having an evil child lead a group of horrible people that are all older than him. So disturbing, 10/10 Maxis.

    Daaaamn, Sergio, way to rock that Michael Phelps-esque physique, I see why you want to meet at the pool.

    Be careful, oblivious elderly balding man! Get out of the way! This is the most dramatic and high stakes pool visit I’ve ever seen 😂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. HAHAHA I think it’s time for the spin-off series of “Siri Yells At Windenburgers For How Ridiculous They Are”

      Honestly though, props to Maxis for going off the rails in their Windenburg world and pre-made Sim designs; I simply follow the characters and lore through to their logical (and ridiculous) end 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ick, little kids peeing in the pool. Ever since I became old enough to realise that was a thing, I have avoided pools like the plague 😅

    Oh dear. Something tells me that girl is not her knight but a totally unrelated person – or the silver knight that saved Hugo from the maze, perhaps. This should be interesting. Also can I hate the Paragons a bit more now? I think I can hate the Paragons a bit more now. My gods they remind me so much of. What’s that movie called. Mean Girls 🤨

    Oh my gods, Max is the leader of the Renegades? 😂 I didn’t even know that. They did so well with Windenburg and their clubs when they made it all.

    Awww. That little moment between Wolfgang and Luna was adorable. She’s warming up to him- aaaaand there comes Sergio to mess things up. In his bright pink bathing trunks. I cannot get over all the pink oh my gods. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha YES Mean Girls! I think I have subconsciously been channeling Mean Girls energy into the Paragons. And maybe consciously quoting them.

      thanks for the comments – they’re always a delightful ray of sunshine in my day! ☀️ Equal parts hilarious and insightful!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. “Don’t, like, commit social suicide for something as stupid as love.” – Luna, girl, do not listen to your friends.

    Goddamn it. Now I’m deeply invested in a possible relationship between Luna and Yuki.

    I really do want to see Sergio get punched in the face.

    God, this is the best teen movie I’ve ever watched.

    ::grabs popcorn::

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Loving all the hilarious drama! 😂 With multiple knights in armor running around, this feels like it has the potential to shape up into an excellent mistaken identity farce.

    Wolfgang took that splash in the face quite well. I’m liking this guy more and more.

    Sergio to the “rescue”. Oh dear.

    Jacques has been eerily quiet… I wonder what ill-fated nefarious plot he’s up to now.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wait so her knight in shining armour is a girl? I wonder if this’ll change things for her or not… I say not, but that’s because of bias. XD Wow Max, such a lack of respect even from a Renegade! Even the ‘bad guys’ have to look out for at least one another! I love the thought of a bratty little kid bossing around adults. Well at least in fiction.
    Ooh, what’s this? Paragons and Renegades? Getting along slightly? and now Sergio has arrived in glorious bright pink swimming trunks! I love this whole chapter so much. I can just hear Sergio having that typical sort of ‘alpha dude’ voice from an old 90s-00s teen show XD


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