My Roommate, The Vampire

Welcome! Here’s the slow-burning love story of a guy and his toothy roommate.

Something about Benji’s new home is not quite right…. from mysterious bags of liquid in the fridge, to bats screeching at night, to the creepy man down the road whom his roommate calls “Master.” Perhaps it would be wisest to move out, but there’s *something* about his roommate that keeps drawing him back…

Rating: Teen
Status: Complete!
Themes: 🧛 ❤️ 🏳️‍🌈 🎭

Yo, so this is my first ever SimLit story and it takes me a while to find my SimLit-writing sea legs. “But Manny,” I’m hearing you ask, “Is the ending worth the slow burn?” And to that I say… “Um, you decide?” 😅

Act I


Act II