Stranger Times Episode 4

The Nosy Neighbor

Edith strode up the steps of her neighbors’ house, craving a cup of tea.

It was still early, around breakfast time, and she really wanted some nice Earl Grey and perhaps some company to share it with.

She knocked, but when no one immediately answered the door, she tried the handle and turned it open. Carl, still in his PJ’s, gave a start as she barged in.

“Carl, did you invite someone over?” shouted Alice from the living room as their nosy neighbor burst in.

“No, it’s just our neighbor, Edith,” he shouted back, confused.

“What? Why would you let her in, Carl, it’s like 7 in the morning-“

“I didn’t, Alice, she just walked in-“

While Alice and Carl bickered, Edith peeked her head into the bedroom, prying around.

“Hm!” she exclaimed, unimpressed. “Pretty standard bedroom, I suppose.” Then she walked back into the hallway to continue her self-guided tour of the house.

She stopped to criticize the art on the walls. “What are these kitschy posters? Who decorates their house like this?”

“Alice,” whined Carl in the hallway. “Why is a stranger in our house? Make her leave, Alice-“

“Why me?” retorted Alice. “You’re the one who let her in-“

“Oy, schlemiels!” Edith plodded over to Carl and Alice. “Are you going to offer an old lady some tea, or keep bickering like a married couple?”

“We’re not married!” shouted Carl. “And please leave our house!”

Your house? This isn’t technically your house.” Edith retorted as she headed towards the door.

“You just happened to wake up in here,” she continued. “We all woke up in random houses. We don’t know whose houses these are, or even where we are. And what a rude couple you are! Couldn’t even offer me some tea for breakfast…”

Edith had a point. They didn’t know who these homes belonged to. But so far, nobody had come to kick them out. In fact, they hadn’t seen anybody at all. They seemed to be completely alone in the neighborhood.

Edith marched down the street to the next house, still looking for tea.

She knocked, and Dr. Professor opened his front door a tiny crack, but Edith pushed it open all the way, parading in.

“You wouldn’t believe how those schmucks next door treated me,” she groused. “No respect for the elderly! All I wanted was a cup of tea-“

Dr. Professor cut her off. “Hmph! I hate that noisy couple as much as you do, but I happen to be in the midst of a riveting book in my library and you have, how shall I put this colloquially, ‘thrown off my groove’. Don’t knock on my door again unless it’s an emergency! Hmph!”

He strode off, and Edith called out after him, “You have a library? Can I see it?”


Edith shouted “feh!” for good measure as she left,

-slamming the door shut behind her.

Edith did not expect it would be so difficult to find someone to share a cup of tea with.

Determined, she jogged along to the next house.

Buddy came out to greet her, recognizing her from the pool party. “Edith, most excellent! What’s the haps? You comin’ to hang out?”

Edith pushed straight past him into his house.

“Right on, right on,” said Buddy.

Edith paced around the little log cabin, disappointed by its boring decorations, before peering over at Buddy. “What are you doing?”

“I’m preparing kava,” he replied. “Come share a bowl with me. It’s a most totally righteous drink.”

Edith swirled the pale drink in her cup. It didn’t look like tea,

-but she took a sip regardless.

It went down surprisingly smoothly, and Edith felt the tensions of her morning melt away.

“Finally, an old lady gets a nice breakfast drink,” she sighed. “I’ve spent the whole morning being kicked out of my neighbors’ houses!”

“That’s not righteous,” said Buddy.

“This neighborhood is ridiculous. Isn’t it odd that the eight of us are alone here? Where’s the rest of the world? Plus, I still don’t know where we are-“

“Whoa, man, me neither. That’s most outrageous.”

“I swear, if it weren’t for my delightful gnome collection, I don’t know what I’d do-“

“Most righteous-“

“Although it’s hard to keep track of the gnomes, they keep multiplying. I had to warn that noisy married couple next door to keep their grubby paws off my gnomes. Do you hear those two screaming all the time? It disturbs the peace-“

“That’s most not righteous-“

“But then again, is it really so much worse in this neighborhood than in San Myshuno? Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. It’s nice to be away from it all, from the art gallery, from my son… maybe it’s our fresh start.”

“That’s not non-righteous-“

Edith sighed happily. “Buddy, you get it. You’re the first person in this neighborhood who’s not a complete chowderhead.”

Edith stood up, smoothed out the wrinkles in her pants, and headed out. “Thank you for the drink and the great conversation, Buddy,” she said, content.

“Most righteous,” he replied. “Most righteous.”

Edith left Buddy’s cabin, happy and satisfied, when she bumped into a neighbor.

“Citizen Edith!” shouted The Llama. “Salutations! Though my patrols be frequent and my eyes watchful, I have yet to encounter Evil here! Have you seen any?”

“Uh, no?” Edith furrowed her brow. “Why are you still wearing that costume?”

“What costume?”

“Never mind, Llama, I suddenly remember I have a lawn of gnomes I must go admire…”

“Duty calls us both, civilian Edith! Best not to let it go to voicemail!”

Edith jogged away, leaving The Llama to do her daily patrol of the neighborhood. Even though they seemed to be alone in an ordinary neighborhood, she would not slack on her duties as its protector.

The Llama strode as far along the neighborhood as she could,

-until she hit that magical crack in the sidewalk where she could move no further.

“My only kryptonite,” she lamented. “An invisible wall of force confining me to this nabe. At least no suspicious activity here evades my tingling llama senses.”

“Oh, hello?” she turned at the sound of whooshing behind her, but there was nothing there. It must’ve been the wind in the trees.

The Llama trotted to the other corner of the neighborhood, when she spotted a figure in the distance.

“Hark, civilian!” she called out, jogging after the figure. “Have you seen any suspicious- oh!” Something caught her eye.

“Do I spy a hippity-hoppity ribbiter?”

The Llama reached into a log, feeling around for the slimy culprit.

“What a delightful croaker!” she exclaimed, trotting away with her new pet tucked into her belt.

The Llama sighed contentedly. Everything was clear. It was another successful day of protecting the neighborhood from any suspicious activity.

Totally random fact of the day:
For this story, I’m using cheats but no mods, custom content, or poses, and I take ~300-1200 screenshots per chapter.

5 thoughts on “Stranger Times Episode 4

  1. When the “them” starts coming to off the residents, I hope Edith is the first they…uhhhh….invite over for tea.
    Buddy is so nice (perhaps too nice, but that’s not a fault). Hahaha their conversation was delightful. It amused me how many variations of “Righteous” Buddy used.
    “-until she hit that magical crack in the sidewalk where she could move no further.” Hahaha.

    OKAY HOLD THE PHONE BELLA GOTH IS ALIVE? I may need to revisit earlier chapters, but I thought Bella was one of the victims (Like Casandra). I mean, MAYBE Casandra isn’t honest to Blue Hair Girl, or Bella…escaped? And WHY is Bella avoiding The Llama? Does Bella think The Llama is one of the “them”???? IS THE LLAMA ONE OF THEM???? >.<

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha so you’re not a fan of people just barging into your home? ok, i’ll make sure to call before i show up in your living room unannounced ;P

      heheh all good questions with answers that are coming!

      Liked by 1 person


    (Sincerely, Dolly “let’s make a chapter that is 99% people talking and just get a bunch of cinematic shots of people talking in between paragraphs and paragraphs of text” Llama)

    Love the PoV switch & when the character we’re viewing the world through has enough personality to not just be a boring author avatar. Edith got me, dammit. Schlemiels? Carl’s clearly a schlimazel. Guess he can be both.

    Buddy’s invited. Invited to where? Himbo Island! It’s the hottest new reality show that doesn’t exist about eight himbos surviving on a secluded island. Once a week they vote off the one who did something totally not radical. Only the chillest will prevail on… Himbo Island.

    Kava’s not the easiest grocery to get one’s hands on, and combined with the Llama’s run-ins with invisible walls and Bella Goth, I see the game mechanics weighing into this universe a fair amount. AND I LOVE IT! Bring on the meta jokes. Buddy getting super steezed on bubbles and saying “dude… what if what we know as the world is like, inside a computer simulation, and none of us really have free will.” Bring it bring it. At this point I can’t tell whether Llama has undiagnosed ADHD or that’s just the nature of the game. Live your best life, Llama.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it’s a problem; I’m at 61GB of sims screenshots ๐Ÿ˜…
      (party time on Himbo Island)
      (stay tuned for who will get abduct- er, voted off next)


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