The True Story of the Villareal Family [1.1]


Welcome to the true story of the Villareal family of Windenburg, a family that Definitely Does Not Have Any Secrets.

(Ok, ok, so this story is only 82.81% true. I took screenshots as I was playing just for fun, letting the game drive the plot, then took some pick-up shots to fill in the gaps.)

It was a gorgeous day at the Von Haunt Estate and nobody wanted to be there.

Jacques Villareal stood in front of his children, gesturing around the fancy grounds. “This is it, offspring – the cherished tourist destination that is the Von Haunt Estate.”

“We are having a Family Fun Day. Now smile.” He glanced around, not smiling.

His teenaged kids Hugo and Luna groaned, thinking about what had happened last time.

“Max, you were too young to remember, but at our last Family Fun Day, someone died under mysterious circumstances,” Hugo explained to his brother.

The boy’s eyes widened. “Does that mean someone’s gonna die? Cool.”

Jacques sniffed, not answering the question.

“All right. Now bugger off, my pedestrian offspring. I don’t care what you do all day, as long as you meet me at the secret location after nightfall for some family-friendly and definitely not criminal activities.”

He said the last part loudly, just in case anyone was listening in on them.

Wait, total freedom to roam the Von Haunt Estate? Heck yeah! The kids peeled off in different directions, finally excited for the day.

Luna strolled through the gardens – so lush, green, and romantic. “All I’m missing is my Prince Charming,” she sighed dreamily.

That’s when someone jumped out of the bushes at her.

“Hello, child!” said a ghostly figure. “Are you looking for love? I can help you.”

“Uh…” Luna stared in shock.

“Apologies, let me introduce myself: Lady Mimsy Alcorn Shallot. That is, her ghost!”


“I overheard you pining for a prince. But I would like to tell you the story of a young woman who was married for money and at first felt resentful, but then grew to fall in love. And then her husband killed her in an accidental fire.”


“So what I’m saying is, keep an open mind, because your future love may not seem like a prince at first! You never know when your knight in shining armor might appear!”

Knights in shining armor? Those didn’t exist anymore! But, regardless, Luna decided that Mimsy was cool.

“Sooo,” she grinned. “You wanna look at cute boys’ Simstas with me?”

“Uh…” said the ghost.

Luna whipped out her cell. “See, you can look up the cute boys on your phone here. But we only follow the cute, nice ones. The uggos and mean ones, we unfollow.”

Mimsy frowned. “But… how do they get out of there? You’ve trapped them in your device…”

Hugo was the only one of the family who actually cared about learning things, he claimed, so he made it his mission to read every informational plaque scattered across the estate.

He learned that the estate had been occupied by a wealthy Victorian couple: ill-tempered artist Lord Bernard Escargot Shallot IV and Lady Mimsy Alcorn Shallot. Some history, nice. Hugo could feel his brain growing with knowledge.

Their portraits hung in the museum, next to the very fireplace that may have killed them both. According to the plaque, Lord Shallot was so displeased with one of his pieces, he tossed it into the fireplace, starting a fire that killed him and his wife. Hugo nodded solemnly. History do be like that sometimes.

He spotted another plaque, proud of how much he was learning, and checked his Voidcritter Go! app on his phone. Hold up, was that a Dicoatl up ahead?? That Voidcritter is like super rare!

The plaque stood forgotten as Hugo blazed ahead headfirst, eyes down, into the dense green shrubbery.

The littlest Villareal, however, did not care for plaques. Max didn’t even know how to read.

History? Boring.

Art? Boring.

Beautifully tended gardens? Boring.

But wait! Who was that up ahead? A ghost!? Now this was something interesting.

And it just so happened that Max had but one major wish in his young life.


6 thoughts on “The True Story of the Villareal Family [1.1]

  1. “It was a gorgeous day at the Von Haunt Estate and nobody wanted to be there.”

    This is such a strong opener, omg!

    Great advice from Mimsy, there. Keep an open mind, and you may also die at the hands of your love! Amazing deal!

    History do indeed be like that sometimes.

    GREAT IDEA MAX, LET’S ANTAGONISE THE GHOST ARSONIST. This kind of shit is why reading is fundamental.

    (Also hi, Bernard, good to see you.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. At first, I felt bad for the kids; none of them wanted to be there, but it seems as though they all found something to entertain themselves.
    There are certainly some shifty-mcgifty moments: Your author’s note that the family doesn’t have any secrets (nudge, nudge, wink, wink); Jacques saying : “‘definitely not criminal activities.’ He said the last part loudly, just in case anyone was listening in on them” (that’s just such an odd thing to say); the vagueness that someone died under mysterious circumstances. The children seen so normal that I wonder if that is an intentional setup for something completely sinister. They may be visiting a “haunted house,” but the ghosts aren’t as frightening as the humans sort of direction. Anyways, speculating.

    Mimsy seems to be THE cautionary tale of love. She doesn’t seem to be spiteful towards Bernard, which is… Interesting. I suppose she’s had several decades to think about the situation and forgive Bernard.

    Luna needs to have a career teaching order women about Simstagram and how to creep on young hotties. I LOLd that Luna unfollows uggos and a-holes. I admire her standards.

    “History do be like that sometimes.” The sad truth.

    “The plaque stood forgotten as Hugo blazed ahead headfirst, eyes down, into the dense green shrubbery.” This feels slightly ominous. I’m not afraid he won’t catch em all, I’m afraid he might be the next accidental death.

    I had no idea kids could be evil (in the game. IN. THE. GAME.) Mind blown. Cheese & crackers the knife emoji is frightening.

    Very suspenseful. Looking to see how this story plays out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hehehe Jacques would like to assure you that Everything Is Fine and that There’s Nothing Sinister Going On At All and Definitely Nobody Is Going To Die

      and yes, little Max is evil! I can’t take credit for any of the character designs here though; these are all premade sims from Get Together!


  3. LOL I love this! The snarky humor and sarcasm there is just my cup of tea. Yes Jacques, saying it oud loud that Definitely Nothing Criminal is going on will convince everyone that you’re just a happy family 😂 I love Mimsy thinking the Luna’s cute boys are trapped in her cell phone, Hugo going to look for void critters (I definitely had those days during the Pokemon Go rage, lol) and Max being determined to make enemies with a ghost. Followed!

    Liked by 1 person

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