The True Story of the Villareal Family [1.2]


Welcome to the true story of the Villareal family of Windenburg, a family that Definitely Does Not Have Any Secrets.

(Ok, ok, so this story is only 82.81% true. I took screenshots as I was playing just for fun, letting the game drive the plot, then took some pick-up shots to fill in the gaps.)

The Von Haunt Estate is a wonderful tourist destination for families, and Jacques couldn’t be happier to finally be away from his.

With his annoying kids out of the way until their secret meeting tonight, Jacques could get back to his second-favorite hobby:

Playing chess,

-while in cosplay. And, miraculously, he wasn’t the only Sim in Windenburg with this hobby. There was a whole club devoted to it.

The suit was stifling hot, you could barely breathe in it, and it was very hard to see the chess pieces, but Jacques loved it nonetheless. And, it was more socially acceptable than his other favorite hobby, murder.

Tonight, Jacques would have to work (they say evil never sleeps, and neither do level 9 criminals in the criminal career), but for now, he had the whole afternoon to play chess in his clinkity-clankity suit of armor.

Meanwhile, Luna and Lady Mimsy were getting along like peanut butter and jelly.

She was just teaching the ghost how to slide into someone’s DMs when a voice startled them.

“Ghost!” shouted the voice, muffled by the suit of armor. “Go away, ghost! You leave her alone!”

Luna burst out laughing. “Relax! Mimsy’s, like, not even a little scary. And we’re besties, actually.”

“…besties?” said Mimsy.

“It means we’re BFFLs,” explained Luna.


The figure in the suit stiffened. “Well, I uh, thought you were maybe in trouble. Do you always laugh at people trying to help you?”

“Only when they’re wearing costumes from a Halloween store,” she retorted. “But thanks for the noble gesture.”

“Hey now, this is custom-tailored plate armor.” Was it just Luna or did this knight sound cheeky?

“Okay, nerd.”

“Yo, I am not a nerd. You’re the nerd.”

“Said the person wearing a custom-made knight outfit.” Her mouth twitched with a smile. Two could be cheeky.

She searched the face of the suit for a reaction, but couldn’t see anything behind the visor. She could swear the knight wasn’t taking their eyes off her, though.

Behind her, Luna heard Mimsy suppress a giggle. “Well, I must attend to some ghostly business, bestie. Have fun with your knight in shining armor!”

“Wait, I’m not looking for like, a savior or anything,” she said, but Mimsy had already floated away. Luna placed a hand on her hip.

The knight tutted, shaking their head. “And here I thought you were just a nice, boring girl.”

Luna narrowed her eyes. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I’m just saying, you’re not what I expected. I didn’t know a pretty, popular girl like you could be so savage.”

“Well, I’m full of surprises,” said Luna with another coy smile. She didn’t know who was in this knight suit, but they certainly had her attention. And it didn’t escape her notice that they had called her pretty.

“Hey Mister.”

Max had found his own ghost to talk to, a translucent figure standing at an easel.

The ghost of Lord Bernard turned, tensing as he saw Max. “Yes, child?” he said.

“Is that your art?” said Max, pointing at the piece on the easel.

The ghost raised his eyebrows, but then puffed his chest up proudly. “Why yes, it’s only half-finished, but-“

“I now see why you killed yourself.”

Bernard stood frozen in shock for a brief second, then descended upon the child like a raging tempest.

“Listen here, you little ratbag,” he spat. “It was an accident.”

“Yeah, right,” said Max.

“The fire was never supposed to spread-“

“The painting you threw into the fireplace was waaay too big to fit in there and you knew it. Of course you knew the fire would spread.”

Bernard spluttered in shock.

“Ooh, burn!” said Max. “Literally! Haha!”

And the more Bernard quivered with rage, the more Max grinned.

Just past the seething ghost, over the railing and below the walkway, lay a vast collection of hedges, and within those hedges, a certain teenager was lost.

Hugo checked his Voidcritter Go! app on his phone. “Let’s see, this is where I found the Dicoatl, which means I want to turn right to get out of here – wait, there’s no right-“

The sky was darkening and Hugo’s stomach was growling, and he was pretty sure he’d passed this spot of hedges before. And he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being watched.

“Oh plum,” he said to himself, getting worried. “I gotta get to Dad’s Family Fun Day, but I’m all mixed up now…”

Luna was still with the knight who had “saved” her from Mimsy’s ghost. Somehow, the entire afternoon had slipped away while they were talking.

“So, why were you so aggressive towards Mimsy? Are you afraid of ghosts or something?”

“No!” said the knight quickly. “And I’m not aggressive. I’m tough. I don’t want anybody messing with people I care about.”

“So you saw me and decided you cared about me? That’s why you were acting tough?”

“No,” said the knight, a little too quickly again. “You know, just because you act like a princess doesn’t mean every knight is fawning over you.”

Luna paused, frowning for a brief moment, before slyly raising a finger to the knight’s helmet.

“So, who is my tough knight in shining armor who doesn’t care about me?” she said, slowly lifting their visor,

-but the knight stepped back before she could reveal their face. “H-hey! Hands off the suit, princess,” they stammered.

Luna doubled over giggling. “You said you didn’t care about me, but suddenly you’re too shy to show me your face?” She straightened back up, still giggling, and handed the knight something.

“Here,” she said. “Because I like you even though you’re shy.”

“Uh, what?” The knight stood there, flustered, holding Luna’s phone.

“I’m asking for your number, genius. It’s almost nightfall and I have to go.”

“Oh!” If the knight was blushing, Luna couldn’t tell. They struggled to enter their number on her phone with their clunky metal fingers, finally handing it back after several painstaking minutes.

“There you go. Don’t text me anything too savage, princess. Or do.”

Luna wondered if the knight was smiling.

She giggled. “Goodbye, my knight in shining armor.” Luna blew them a kiss, betting it would send them weak in the knees,

-and she was right.

“Bye, princess…”

Luna sauntered away, butterflies tingling in her stomach.

As she walked off into the sunset, she could barely concentrate on her Family Fun Day obligations. All she could think about was her mysterious knight in shining armor.

While Luna was successfully making friends, Max was successfully making enemies.

It was official now: Lord Bernard Escargot Shallot IV was afraid of a 10-year-old.

When the sun started to set, Max finally walked away from his new enemy, triumphant.

Just look at the smug grin on this little turdlet

It was Max: 1, Bernard: 0.

But the day wasn’t over yet, and Jacques was waiting for his children. The real work of Family Fun Day was just about to begin.


9 thoughts on “The True Story of the Villareal Family [1.2]

  1. First of all, that wide shot of the entire estate is gorgeous. This game can be so pretty omg.

    I love the fact that being an armor-furry is more socially acceptable than murder. Surely it’s a close call.

    OMG Luna, please stop teaching the ghost how to slide into someone’s DMs!

    Also I can’t believe I have to say this again but MAX, DON’T ANTAGONISE THE GHOST ARSONIST, you tiny sociopath, you! (But not because it’s dangerous – because you might scare him, apparently.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jacques finding his children “annoying” doesn’t win any points with me. At least they don’t openly make fun of him for cosplaying in a giant tuna can to play checkers, for that he should be grateful. Since he IS almost at the top of the criminal field, I’m wondering if Jacques actually is into medieval cosplay chess, or if he’s wearing the suit of armor to hide his identity and blend in, since others are also dressed accordingly.

    Luna and the mystery knight is a little strange. He comes to her rescue because he “cares” about her, which suggests he knows her. He also says that she is popular; he doesn’t assume. At first I thought the gnomes had deposited Carl into this story lol, since we don’t get to see the knight’s identity. The knight wasn’t misogynistic so it’s safe to assume he is not Carl.

    Wow. Max IS evil. Hahahaha but also really funny. Except when he grows up to verbally abuse the people he’s in a relationship with and wear down their self-esteem. Maybe Bernard should light Max on fire and save the young girls/boys of Max’s generation from his future-self.

    While I’m not a fan of Jacques, I am intrigued by his hobbies.
    Great story, Manny

    Liked by 2 people

    1. So, no Dad-of-the-Year award for Jacques yet? (also, I’m wheezing at “cosplaying in a giant tuna can to play checkers” XD)

      OMG BRILLIANT this is the crossover episode idea I didn’t know I needed!! To have Carl travel through the sim multiverse into another story – genius. Also, interesting you think the knight is a he 😛

      haha yup little evil kids saying evil things is funny until they turn into evil adults saying evil things

      thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha I still wonder where Carl went, but at the same time my dislike for him is so great that I don’t care where he went (if that makes sense), as long as it is some place unpleasant or a therapist’s office to work on his misogynistic issues.

        I think the knight is a he because (I’ll speak of my own experience) I cannot alter my voice to sound like a guy’s. Even at the deepest I can make my voice go, it sounds so forced/off and I can only make it last that way a minute and by that point it already burns my throat. If the knight sounded feminine that would have alerted Luna that her knight was not a guy.
        Luna mentions in the first story that that she is after a “prince” and shows Mimsy cute guys in her Simstagram. She’s superficial, deleting the uggos (who knows maybe the knight is unattractive by Luna’s perspective, which is why he is incognito), but she doesn’t mention women or an attraction to women. So based on these is why I assume the knight is a man. Still possible that I’m wrong, and I haven’t read your newest chapter yet, but I’m backing my findings :-p


        1. There’s a reason I use “they” pronouns for the knight 😉 (plus, voice doesn’t always correlate with gender!) But you’re def onto something here… Luna is shallow and fantasizing about a Prince Charming, so what happens if the mystery knight isn’t a Prince Charming? 😛


  3. You are knocking it out of the park with these opening lines 😂 playing chess in clinkity-clankity armour. Dead. I’m dead. 🤣

    Looks like Luna has found her knight in shiny armour. My brain is yelling that it’s that one guy, with the blonde hair and the earring. I can’t for the life of me remember his name but I’m shipping it.

    Hot damn, that burn! Max is the most savage of sims, proven right there against poor Bernard. And he’s even got a point – throwing a painting that large into the fireplace would absolutely spread through the rest of the room. If he wasn’t such a little monster then he’d make for a good detective, maybe. Don’t feel bad, Bernard. Everyone is afraid of that particular ten-year-old.

    I wonder what the “real work” is going to be!

    Liked by 1 person

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